Welcome to Owl’s Branch!

My name is Charleen Snyder, CEP1 (Certified EquineFlow Practitioner 1). I am the owner and coach of Owl’s Branch, LLC. As a Daughter, Wife, Mother, Bubby (Grandma) and Breast Cancer Survivor I have endured and or overcome many troubles, traumas, and challenges through the years. As such, I ended up with MDD, Anxiety and CPTSD. I have been in your place of asking questions, I often felt hopeless and alone with no one to help me. I did a good bit of healing and growing alone, that was extremely hard. Now, I have a heart to help others live their best life regardless of their circumstances and make the changes they desire to make, to become the person they’ve always dreamed of, with a life that they can enjoy. As a Certified EquineFlow Practitioner / Coach I assist and guide people to find who they are, how to move forward or find a new normal and where they wish to be in their lives, both now and in the future. During sessions, whether equine/animal assisted, nature/eco assisted, or office based, there are various ways (modalities) we can work through what you wish to cover.

I am not a licensed mental health or medical professional, therapist, or counselor. My coaching approach, EquineFlow, is neuroscience based, but is not intended to replace counseling, psychiatric intervention, diagnosis nor treatment of mental illness, other professional medical advice, financial assistance, legal counsel or similar professional services. It is not intended for anyone in a mental illness crisis. In turn, it is for those that are currently “stuck” in life, struggling and/or seeking a “better way” to handle the situations of their life, seeking ways to improve the quality of their life and or need someone to listen to find themselves. I am here to guide you and help you find your answers.

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client using various modalities in a thought-provoking and creative process that includes but is not limited to; inspiring the client to maximize personal, professional, or other goals, potential for living life to the fullest, improving quality of life, improving self-esteem/self-care/focus in present and future as client sees and deems as what they wish. It is designed to facilitate the development of a strategy or plan to be carried out to achieve those goals and/or life they strive for.