Testimonials from Clients

I wasn’t sure if coaching would really help me because I have problems, that I must navigate and live around. The problems don’t disappear, so I needed to find ways to cope in a healthier way. I have been very impressed with being able to discuss my problems with my coach, Charleen Snyder, in a constructive way. Her coaching has not only helped me view the problems, but given me some exercises to work on, on how I react and cope with the problems. Charleen has given me some actions to take to help. We are now working on redirecting my thoughts in better directions and I look forward to continuing with Charleen and Owl’s Branch. “S.”

I wish to inform anyone interested in Life Coaching, I began with Charleen in January of 2023, not knowing what I needed, and that I needed help with my life. Wow! I was and am so impressed with the program and the ability of Charleen to focus on me and find my needs. I have been able to focus much better. My husband has been so impressed also with how I have been able to improve. This is one of the best programs I have ever been involved in! Thank you, Charleen. “Mary”

I have been through a lot in my life and didn’t realize how much I needed the Life Coaching. What a revelation it was to learn about the roots of my fear and anxiety. That has probably been one of the most eye-opening revelations of my growth, evolution and awakening process that I have ever experienced. I have only had two minor anxiety episodes since that amazing revelatory session, they used to happen a lot. Not only did Charleen help me come to grips with a new definition of self. She has also taught me I don’t have to just survive; with love, care, good energy, and attention, I can grow, multiply and thrive. When we started, I was only working part-time, and it was really hard. Now, even though I’m working longer and harder, than I have in a very long time, my mental ability to handle it is so much better now. That shift from looking at work as an old, long, hard road to be dreaded and endured, to looking at it as getting up each day to go play with my friends on the lakeside beach, has been life changing. I can honestly say it was the work we did together that made this even remotely possible! Thank you Charleen. “Melinda”